China and World: From Marginalization to world center of Globalization, by Professor Angang Hu from Tsinghua University

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Invited by Oxford Chinese Students and Scholars Association (OXCSSA), Prof. Angang Hu, Director of Institute for Contemporary China Studies in Tsinghua University, visited St. Edmund Hall in University of Oxford and delivered a speech to Oxford students on 21st June. During the speech, he analyzed the relationship between China and the world, and described the evolution of China from marginalization to world center of globalization.


Figure 1. The speech delivered by Pro. Angang Hu in St. Edmund Hall.


From reforms and opening to the entry into WTO, China gains global reputation as one of the biggest trading countries in the world. Prof. Hu discussed the relationship between China and the world when reforms and opening strategies are strengthened, the future of China, as well as the role of China plays in the world.

From the aspect of world history, Prof. Hu concluded the outcomes of three tidal periods of globalization and the role China played in each period of globalization. He also described the leadership of China by promoting the development of present and future globalization. At the same time, he thought globalization and modernization were interdependent and mentioned China had become the center of the global economy and had a great influence on the world economy.

The future plans and the relevant strategies made by the Chinese government have been introduced as well as the history of the development of these strategies. Among all these strategies, Prof. Hu emphasized the idea that for the sake of its own prosperity, China has the expectation to live in harmony with other countries. This idea aims at balancing the difference in development among different regions within China and sharing the market with other countries in the world. Now it is inevitable for China to step onto the road of globalization.  Data including the prediction by World Bank, UNDP and other agency was quoted by Prof. Hu to support the idea. He also optimistically predicted that China could achieve common prosperity in 2030.


Figure 2. Audiences are listening very carefully to the speech.


OXCSSA President Zhilong Yang, Executive Vice President Zhu Li, Vice President Qingji Shen, Vice President Yiwen Fang, Sectary-General Yeli, Director of Academic Subcommittee Liu Shi, Director of Outreach Subcommittee Guowei Tao, Director of Visiting Scholars Tianyao Zhang also attended the speech.


A Biography of Angang Hu:

Director & Professor in Institute for Contemporary China Studies, Tsinghua University, China Academic Experience:

Major in engineering, PhD in automation in Chinese Academy of Science

1991-1992: Post doctor in Yale University in USA

1993: Visiting scholar in the Department of Economy in Murray State University

1997: Visiting researcher in the Department of Humanity in MIT

1998: Visiting researcher in the Department of Economy in the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2000: Visiting professor in Department Public Management in Keio University

2001: Visiting professor in KSG

At the beginning of 2003, visiting researcher in the Chinese study center in the academy of social science and humanity in France

Since 1985, Angang Hu has participated in the research group of China conditions which was led by Academician Lisan Zhou. As a major researcher within the group, he was engaged to the systematic study of China conditions and became a pioneer in this area.

At the beginning of 2000, Angang Hu was designated as the Director of Institute for Contemporary China Studies in Tsinghua University. The aim of this action is to build up the best national strategy group.


Works by Pro.Hu

Reports of national conditions, which are used by the provincial officers, have been published for 500 periodicals.

Until September 2003, he has officially published 43 books, 8 of them are published overseas in English and 6 of them are in English. He also published approximately 200 papers in the famous Chinese journals, some reports on national conditions and political strategy advice published by Xinhua news publisher and Chinese people daily newspaper. The main works: the report about Chinese national ability, the report about the fluctuation of Chinese economy, the report about the difference in different areas in China, employment and development-unemployment issue and employment strategies, the future of China, the challenge of China to cope with corruption, the strategy of China, the report about the national conditions which affect the strategy making, the main China strategy, the second change: the build up of China regulations, SARS: health and development, etc.


Photographer: Junnan Jiang

Author: Liu Shi (Chinese) and Liye Yan (English)