The First Debate ever on China in Oxford

Want to learn debating? Want to know more about China? English is not your first language? Not a problem! There is a perfect chance for you. Come to Roppongi Bar on 18th November to meet our world-class debating coaches and sign up for a debating workshop series exclusively for international students. Later in the evening, seats will be reserved in Oxford Union for you to listen to the first debate ever on China in Oxford. Places are limited. Please register your interest by sending your name, nationality and membership status of Oxford Union with a subject header “pre-debate drinks” to

Organizer: Jason Zhou Tel:07726184209

想感受牛津的辩论氛围吗?想体验与世界级辩论选手的面对面交流吗?机会就在眼前!11月18日来Roppongi Bar参加social就能获得第一手的辩论资料和独一无二的国际学生debating workshop的注册方法。之后还能听Oxford Union史无前例的China debate!座位有限,不用犹豫了,赶快以”pre-debate drinks”为标题发送你的名字和是否为Oxford Union会员到 吧!

组织者:周呈 联系电话:07726184209

Thursday, 18th November



29-31 George St, Oxford OX1 2AY

Debating coaches attending:

Will Jones: World and European University Champions

Ben Woolgar: World School Debating Champion, European Championship Finalist

Hugh Burns: European Championship Finalist

Tom Hosking: 2-time European Champion Finalist

Michael Saliba: 2nd Best German Speaker in World University Debating Competition

Mengchen Hu: Best Speaker in London Mandarin Debating Tournament


Oxford Union, Debating Chamber, Frewin Court, Oxford OX1 3JB

This House Fears the Rise of China

In Proposition:

  • Dr Kerry Brown: Former First Secretary to Beijing
  • Edward McMillan Scott: MEP Former VP of European Parliment

In Opposition:

  • Nick Bannister: CEO of China Manufacturing Solutions
  • Prof Rana Miotter: Oxford Professor of History and Politics in Modern China
  • Sit Christopher Hum: Former UK Ambassador to China

Admission : Oxford Union Member -free, Non-member-£3

First debating workshop is scheduled on Monday 7th Week, 22nd November